Waxoyl Car Care Products

We are service providers for the Waxoyl range of Car care products in Assam, West Bengal, Meghalaya Mizoram and the rest of the north-east.

Waxoyl AG, of Switzerland, offers a comprehensive range of products for car manufacturers and Industry in general. These high quality products have been continuously developed and improved over a 50 year period. Over and over, Waxoyl products perform outstandingly, both in the test lab and in the workshop, and have earned Waxoyl a global reputation as a supplier of top range products to leading manufacturers.

Approved by major vehicle manufacturers like Ford, Mahindra, General Motors, Honda, Renault, Toyota, and Hyundai, our range of car care services ensure your vehicles retain their original state and good looks through the years, increasing it's life, and resale value. You can step into any manufacturer authorised service center to avail our services, or feel free to contact us, and we shall be glad to arrange an appointment.

As a testament to our product quality, Mahindra has also co-branded with Waxoyl, and we provide Car care services under the MaxiCare banner for Mahindra's esteemed clients.

In addition to being Waxoyl distributors for Eastern India, we also provide end to end vehicle workshop and showroom services, starting from car washing services, to housekeeping services, right up to the supply and application of workshop/ bodyshop mechanicals, additives and equipment. Please contact us for further details.

A brief overview of the Waxoyl product range:

Paint Protection: 100 Plus gives new or refurbished vehicles a high-gloss and transparent protective coat. This unique sealant protects the paint surface from environmental influences such as UV radiation, acid rain, road salt and dirt.

Internal Cavity Protection: Waxoyl Professional 120-4 is a long-term panel cavity protection against corrosion from the inside-out.

Underbody Corrosion Protection: Waxoyl Hardwax helps to delay the onset of corrosion on all underside surfaces which are open to watery impact and erosion due to vehicle motion, including underbody protection against road salt, grit, dirt and other harmful substances.

Interior Cleaning & Protection: U.P.T. Fabric & Leather Upholstery Guard is a specially formulated dirt-resistant and water-repellent protector for textiles and is suitable for fabric, leather and vinyl upholstery.

Engine Compartment Protection: Motor Care is a superb product for the care and protection of the entire engine compartment. It protects the engine from rust and oxidation and helps revive original factory materials.

For a more indepth understanding of our services, please download our brochure below.